Hello, friends!

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Louisville, Kentucky.

I grew up in a very creative family who fostered a strong desire to constantly be creating. When I was younger I built a lot of my own furniture, Barbie accessories, and most everything I needed because I wanted everything exactly as I envisioned. These experiences growing up really shaped who I am as an artist and helped me better plan and execute creative work with a much wider understanding of different tools and media. 

In 2001 at age 13 (when the internet was still dial-up), I began my own web and graphic design business, working primarily for local businesses and later branching out to musicians across the country. In creating artwork for musicians and bands, there was a demand for shaping the overall image of the artists and developing their brand. This was the catalyst for my photography endeavor on a professional level. Helping artists realize their image in a tangible way was very rewarding, but was often met with many restrictions from the labels with which they were signed. It was difficult to see their creativity squandered, so I sought more personal work. Working with people to achieve their dreams is unparalleled, and I love nothing more. After working in the music industry, I worked for a few years in fashion and commercial photography while attending university.

In 2006 I began pursuing a bachelor's degree in fine art, but after several years I decided to go down the path of a dual Bachelor's of science in Biology and Chemistry. Because of this, I had to lighten my photography and design workload. I thrive on the excitement people express when receiving my work and it has been difficult to sequester my passion for photography while pursuing graduate school. At this time I do take a more limited number of bookings, but I am more excited than ever to work with you!

I strive for photos that are timeless, capturing the real, raw emotion as it unfolds. I hope to create photos that bring to life the joy of your wedding day, the excitement of your engagement, and chronicle all of life's everyday moments. I can't wait to hear from you and discuss your passions and your vision for your project!